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The Tidings goes out the first week of each month and contains a letter from one of our pastors, announcements about upcoming events, news about members, and updates on what is happening at the church and in our various committees and ministries.

The Midweek Musings comes out on Thursday every week except the first week of the month and contains a reflection and a selection of other curated items from around the web (often an interesting article, a video worth watching, music worth hearing, and a poem). 

Covenant Connections goes out every Monday morning and contains Zoom links to the events happening during the week as well as any announcements about ways to participate in the life of the church and/or the community.

Sunday Morning Worship Reminder is just that, a reminder in your inbox on Sunday morning that contains the link for worship, so it's easy to click and connect without having to find or remember the worship Zoom ID or link.

Seasonal Daily Devotions – sometimes we have daily devotional emails that go out for a particular season (Advent and Lent being the primary two); if you'd like to receive these, this option is for you. (Please note, these don't got out all year long and may not go out in a particular season depending on what else we're offering.)

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